Monday, October 8, 2007

South FACE 1 and 2: Global Trade Governance and the Role of the South

View the South FACE produced for the panel event "Global Trade Governance and the Role of the South" organized by the South Centre at the WTO Public Forum 2007 available at:

The South FACE captures the sound bytes from the eminent speakers: Dr. Nagesh Kuman (Director-General, RIS), H.E Dr. A.M Maruping (Ambassador of Lesotho, LDC-Group Coordinator), Dr. Carolyn Deere (Global Trade Governance Project, Oxford University) and Dr. Manfried Elsig (World Trade Institute, University of Berne) who spoke in the panel in the monring.

(Top Picture: H.E Dr. A.M Maruping, Ambassador of Lesotho, LDC-Group Coordinator. Picture on the Right: H.E. Mr. Faizal Ismail, NAMA 11 Coordinator, South Africa).

The afternoon panel included among others: H.E. Mr. Faizal Ismail (NAMA 11 Coordinator, South Africa) and Mr. Mayur Patel (Global Trade Governance Project, Oxford University).

Vice Yu, Coordinator of Global Governance for Development Programme, moderated the panel discussion.