Tuesday, October 9, 2007

South FACE: International Symposium on Examining IP Enforcement from a Development Perspective

IP enforcement is an issue of global importance and is something in which developing countries have invested significant administrative and judicial resources. This was the message emerging from the keynote address given by H.E SUN Zhenyu (Ambassador of People's Republic of China) and H.E Dr. Makarim Wibisono (Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia) at the International Symposium on IP Enforcement from a Development Perspective. The symposium was organized by the Innovation and Access to Knowledge Programme (IAKP), South Centre at Palais des Nation on 9 October 2007. For Agenda and list of speakers visit:

The South FACE produced for the "International Symposium on Examining IP Enforcement from a Development Perspective" is now available!

View it here: http://www.southcentre.org/southface/South_Face_IAKP_9Oct.pdf

Select videos from the event will also be made available here.
Check back for further updates!

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Click To Play: IP Enforcement Flexibilities and Obligations in the TRIPS Agreement, Mr. Roger Kampf, Cousellor, WTO