Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aid for Trade: Twenty lessons from existing aid schemes

South Centre in its latest publication "Aid for Trade: Twenty lessons from existing aid schemes" jointly with ECDPM, reviews 3 major existing mechanisms of trade-related assistance and provides useful lessons for policymakers in the South and the North.

As WTO Members and the development community prepare to undertake a global review of the WTO Aid for Trade Initiative in mid-November, this study enumerates failures and achievements in the delivery of trade-related aid. First, these lessons are informed by an exploration of the European Commission (EC) trade-related assistance (TRA), particularly the European Development Fund (EDF) as a significant example of regional and bilateral schemes. Second, this study reviews the multi-agency Integrated Framework (IF) for Least Developed Countries. Finally, the paper describes the main achievements of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Trade Integration Mechanism (TIM).

The study is authored by Darlan Marti, Programme Officer, South Centre and Francesco Rampa and appears as ECDPM Discussion Paper No 80.