Wednesday, January 23, 2008

South Centre participates in UNCTAD XII pre-event on Aid for Trade in Bangkok

Darlan F. Martí, Programme Officer, Trade for Development Programme, South Centre participated in the UNCTAD XII pre-event organized under the auspices of the Working Group on Trade of the United Nations Executive Committee on Economic and Social Affairs, in Bangkok from 24 -25 January 2008.

The meeting was organised as a pre-UNCTAD-XII event and, to that extent, aimed largely at influencing the debate and negotiations that will lead towards the Accra meeting. As a consequence, discussions were often aimed at issuing recommendations, although the agenda was not formulated in this manner. Event link:

Read the recent publication by South Centre jointly with ECDPM on Aid For Trade
"Aid for Trade: Twenty lessons from existing aid schemes" which reviews 3 major existing mechanisms of trade-related assistance and provides useful lessons for policymakers in the South and the North.