Monday, March 2, 2009

2nd March: Mr. Martin Khor joins as the new Executive Director of the South Centre

2 March: Today, Mr. Martin Khor spent his first day in the office as the Executive Director of the South Centre. He was given a warm welcome by all the staff members who introduced themselves and wished him well in his new role. Mr. Khor also took this opportunity to brief all the staff members on his vision and the role he sees for the South Centre, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Prior to joining South Centre, Mr. Khor served as the Director of the Third World Network, a leading developing-country civil society organization involved in research and publications in trade, environment and development issues. He is the editor of the South-North Development Monitor (SUNS) and a member of the United Nations Committee on Development Policy.

Mr. Khor replaces Dr. Yash Tandon who successfully completed his term as the Executive Director of the Centre from 1 March 2005 to 28 February 2009.