Thursday, October 16, 2008

South Centre @ Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Meeting on an African EPA Template - Addis Ababa

The South Centre was invited to an Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) meeting on EPAs entitled ‘African Workshop on Economic Partnership Agreements – the benefits of the EPAs: Taking Stock of the Interim Agreements to ensure African Countries Reap the Benefits of the EPAs’

The meeting took place on 8 – 10 October 2008 in Addis Ababa. Those attending the meeting included many government negotiators based in capitals but also in Brussels.

The meeting was essentially an attempt to respond to an African Heads of States request for a template for Africa in the EPA negotiations. As such, the ECA invited a number of experts to address various issues raised in the interim EPA agreements, and also to provide ideas and comments in the discussions on an African EPA template.

The presentations made by the South Centre by Ms. Aileen Kwa and Mr. Offah Obale at the workshop are available from: