Sunday, August 3, 2008

South Centre organizes e-Forum on Aid Effectiveness: Donor Harmonisation or Southern Discomfort?

The Third High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness will be held in Accra from 2-4 September 2008 where the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) to strengthen the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness is expected to be endorsed by the participants. While the governments of rich nations want to streamline their aid efforts within the OECD-DAC context, those of many developing countries are less enthusiastic, and doubt the OECD High Level Forum in Accra in September will achieve much good.

This forum jointly hosted by the South Centre (South Intellectual Platform) and Fahamu will carry out discussions leading upto to the Accra meeting on the issue of "Aid Effectiveness: Donor Harmonisation or Southern Discomfort?"

The forum will run for two weeks from 8 August until 22 August 2008. Join this e-Forum by registering yourself at: