Monday, April 14, 2008

South Centre in Media: Speaking existential truth to negotiated truth

South Centre gets quoted in the Trinidad and Tobago Express.

Dr Yash Tandon, Executive Director of the Geneva based South Centre challenged the intellectuals of the region to once more "speak truth to power" and to push back the now dominant economic and trade theories. The problem, as Arthur pointed out, was that no one was listening to the Caribbean any more. "In the prevailing intellectual and ideological climate, it has been virtually impossible to call upon a grand design for development, subscribed to by all." Tandon was however insistent that the region should not capitulate. "Go back into the sea,if necessary .Fight against the current. Only dead fish float back to the beaches."

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avaiki nius agency said...

Congratulations to Dr Yash Tandon for restarting revolution and giving context as well.

Speaking truth to power is something the South has always been shy of. A commonality has been a humility of patience.

Another has been colonial divisions and knowledge gaps - including one that leaves out 30 million people in the Pacific - Asia's silent P.